CSUN Hotel Proposal

May 9, 2018 CSUN is pursuing development of a 150-room, on-campus hotel, with restaurant and conference space, that will meet the needs of the campus as well as the local community. Click here to read...

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Fall Block Party

November 2, 2017 ...

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Homeless in the Valley/Motorhomes

September 27, 2017 Check this out and sign the petition. Did you know the LA City Council rezoned the West Valley for RV dwelling?!!!!!! Scott Caswell – Lee & Associates LA North/Ventura >>...

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The Sidewalk Repair Program Environmental Review Has Begun

July 31, 2017 The City has engaged in a massive Sidewalk Repair Program in part to repair and upgrade sidewalks and curb ramps adjacent to City-owned pedestrian facilities, so that they are compliant...

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